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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Starting OBIEE 11G Service Components --- For Server bi_server1, Node Manager Associated with Machine not reachable

Hello again.

So I have installed OBIEE 11G, now what do I do to bring everything up so I can log in and see the 11G dashboards?

I am assuming you have the basic understand of OBIEE 11G architecture, or at least you know the relationship between weblogic and BI Components. So from there, the first time we do is to start the weblogic services.

Take my Linux environment for instance, you navigate to the following directory and run the weblogic start script:


Having done that, you should be able to log in to the UI of Console and EM.

Once I am in, I am trying to start the bi_server1, yet I run into the following error:

For Server bi_server1, Node Manager Associated with Machine not reachable

This tells me that I need to make sure the node manager is up and running.  This time, I navigate to the following the directory where node manager script is located:


Upon running the script, I encounter the following error:

This indicates that I have to see whether the port number that Node Manager is configured is used or not. By default, the port number is 5556, however in our environment, it was 9556. So do the following:

Here it shows that for 9556, there is 4642 that is running, so we need to kill it:

After doing that, we need to run the SetWLSenv script, this will set the environment for weblogic, after that, we re-run the node manager start up script:

After that, we resume the bi_server1 and now it is successful:

Next, we move on to the EM interfaces and start the BI components. But before doing that, we need to start the OPMN by going to the following directory:


And run the opmnctl script:

After that, start all of the BI Components in EM UI:


Until next time.


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