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Monday, February 11, 2013

Install OBIEE 11G on Linux part 2 --- Installing RCU

From the previous entry, we have covered all of the prerequisites and getting the system fully ready, the only thing missing from there was pressing the button. So now, let's press that button and kick off RCU.

Because the 11G architecture is different, before the actual installation of 11G, repository and schema need to be created and by referenced later during the 11G installation, therefore this step must be done before 11G installation.

1. First page of the RCU

2. After clicking 'Next':

3. Next page is to check Prerequisites as well as entering the SYSDBA account credentials that is required to connect to the Database (system/manager in my case). Please read the previous article to understand what the requirements. Without selecting SYSDBA as role, the installation will fail later. If this machine doesn't have the DB, then the same RCU needs to be run on that machine as well.

4. Prerequisites met:

5. Create passwords for the schema we are about to create here. This information will be used later during 11g installation:

6. Map table space;

7. Summary of what has happened so far:

8. Creation process completion

That is it. Now we are ready to install OBIEE 11G

Stay tuned for the next entry


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