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Monday, August 15, 2011

A practical intro guide to Oracle Data Admin Console (AKA DAC) Part 1

It's been a while since I post last time. I want to step aside from OBIEE just briefly and talk about this tool known as DAC. If you have worked on OBIEE projects, you are likely to come across this tool. Especially if the project uses OBI Apps, this tool is guaranteed to be there as a management layer between informatica workflow and OBIEE. It's primary purpose is to simplify and centralize the process of scheduling and streamlining the ETL workflows done by Informatica.

In other words, DAC is a separate application in its own right, just like Informatica, OBIEE and many others. Oracle has provided some documents about this tool and how to configure it. I highly recommend to go through the documents to gain the thorough understanding if it and use it as a master reference in your actual project. However, I personally found the documents lack practice examples for its many features. Therefore, I decided to create this series of articles to give a more practice examples with demonstrations on the information that DAC guide may have mentioned.

The intention of this series is to help beginners who have read the DAC guide but still aren't so sure where to start with DAC. I was a beginner before, I still remember a lot of questions and uncertainties I had after reading the document, therefore, I am going to make my case study as basic and simple as possible just to show how it works in DAC from the perspective that tailors to the beginner as much as possible.

Ok, let's begin with a workflow that I already created in Informatic as you can see:
The workflow SDE_MCK1213_FND_LANGUAGES is created and saved under the repository folder SDE_MCK_Forklife as shown:

The mapping of the same name: SDE_MCK1213_FND_LANGUAGES is what the workflow session is using. It's a basic mapping with the following informations:

Source table: FND_LANGUAGES

Target table: FND_LANGUAGES

Source DB: ORA_R1213

Target DB: Mckinsey_SDE_Forklift_DW

So now that we have all of the basic information about this workflow, we want to use DAC to run this workflow so that the data will get loaded.

Knowing this is the requirement, how are we going to start our configuration in DAC?

Find out in part 2 of the serie.

Stay tuned.


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