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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A practical intro guide to Oracle Data Admin Console (AKA DAC) Part 5 -- when Index is involved

I decided to add one more part to the previous series about basic working of DAC. I realized that I forgot to address the situation where table Index is involved in the test environment I set up for previous demonstration. It is absolutely worth addressing here but we WILL deal with tables that have indexes.

So let's start with the following error scenario:

We have task running with completion in DAC:

But this workflow is giving an error about Index:

As indicted in this session log in Informatica:

This means that the Indexes for the target table was not being able to drop during the ETL load, therefore the workflow is returning such error. Now in order to resolve this error, DAC needs to be able to drop those indexes and recreate them after ETL Load. So we start by importing Index into DAC for the target table that we went through in the previous series:

Import both Indexes for table: AR_RECEIVABLES_TRX_ALL:

Then go into each of the indexes that we just imported, we tell DAC to drop them before the ETL load:

Now, let's re-run our execution plan and see what happen:

And success this time

If you want to know more about the functionality of DAC at a deeper level, please go through the DAC user guide, or contact me for any questions..

Thank you


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