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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tableau Visualization -- How to build lollipop Chart

Lollipop chart is a fancy and cute chart that has become pretty popular. It is named such way because the shape of the graph consist of a bar attached to a circle, forming a shape of Lollipop. This chart can be useful to provide visualization for your measure numbers in terms of 'how long' it occupies the horizontal axis and the precious location of the measure numbers on the horizontal axis as a dot. The length of the bar is determined by the size of the measure number and the location of the dot on the axis is also determined by the same measure number. Lets take a look at this graph that I start with:

Here, I have sales from the measure which I put on the column section along with Region as the dimension. In the row I have Product, another dimension.

Now, right-click on either 'sales' field and check 'Dual-Axis':

Now chart transformed:

Notice on the left side where i highlighted, there are 2 'sales' under marks windows. Click on each of those 2 highlighted icons, it will open up marks options that you can set for the displays of each of 'sales' field.

So first one is to set the first 'sales' as bar display:

And second 'sales' as circle display

Adjust the size of each of the fields, it changes the graph into looking like a lollipop by making the size of the bar smaller and size of the circle bigger:

Now, let's create another field called profit ratio, which is calculated by taking Sales and dividing it by profit:

After that, drag and drop profit ratio into color windows:

Now we have create a Lollipop chart that gives you 2 different visualization of the sales and also displays the color divergence based on the profitability. If you move the mouse over to any point on the graph, it will display the detail numbers on the chart including regions, product, sales and profit ratios.

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