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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tableau Visualization -- How to build Dot chart

Dot chart is a pretty typically statistical graph where each data point on the graph are marked in a circle shape. Making dot chart in Tableau is pretty simple and standard.

Lets start with sample data set and we put 'state or province' as dimension then 'sales' and 'profit' as measures all into the row section of the report and set the display under 'Mark' as circle:

Then, drag and drop both sales and profit from rows into the highlighted vertical axis on the graph:

After this action, you will see that 'Measure name' and 'Measure value' appears on the row and column section automatically, we will put 'measure name' in to color window under 'Marks':

Now the graph becomes like the following, which we will move the 'measure value' into column section:

Now we get the following view:

Pivot the graph and we get the final view:

This view displays the sales and profit of each state on the graph separated by 2 dots in different colors


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