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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Learning python for BI

Hello All

What does Python have to do with BI report? Well maybe no much directly in enterprise environment, but python can be very useful for my garage project. I want to build a Data visualization product that shows real time update of certain market driven products and get users to subscribe to it for a monthly fee, that's what python can be handy for my ETL process.

Just to give an idea, I may choose to store my data in one of these open source DBs like Hadoop Hive, Cassandra or Mongo DB, and I can use python to pull data from whatever source that i want, for example zillow.com, if i want to analyze all of the real estate properties in America. For visualization, i can use Tableau to display the market trend and my analysis..

Now you may think that my idea sucks and there are so many real estate websites out there already. Well of course the idea sucks because this is not what I am really trying to explain you here, if i had a great idea, I wouldn't be letting it out until i secure my billion dollar patent first. Duh..

Anyways, Python can be a very powerful yet quite sample programming languages that supports various DB commends (of course, much more than just doing things with DB), so it's worth your time to look into it if you are a techy guy.

Get good at it and you can write your own ETL tool.

A good place to start if you have very little experience is here:


Until next time


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