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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tableau Visualization -- How to build thermometer chart

Thermometer is a cool visual that allows audience to visually look at different matrix that the difference can be visually indicated by the different color, size in one chart as if it was like Thermometer.I experimented a few ways to build a basic thermometer chart using tableau, this is a pretty cool visual.

1. Lets start with 2 dimensions and 2 matrix. Here I am using customer segment and region as dimension and sales and profit as matrix by putting the dimensions in column section and matrix in row section. The report will automatically look like the following:

2. Drag and drop both matrix columns into the Y (Vertical axis) of the chart:

The chart will automatically transform to the following view after dropping both matrix. You will notice that 'Measure Names' and 'Measure Values' automatically appear in the following highlighted area

3. Move 'Measure Names' to Color windows under 'Marks':

The chart will look at the following after done:

This time drop measure name under size windows:

And you get the following chart that the 2 bars stack on each other:

4. Now unstack the bars by going to analysis--> stack marks --> off

Now you get your thermo chart:


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