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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Configuring Incremental Loading In Oracle BI Apps Part 4

From last time, we just went through the whole process of building the Informatica Mapping with incremental logic. This time, let's create the session and workflow.

The process of doing it is pretty standard and straightforward, I will just high line the few areas that needs attention.

First of all, we will have 2 sessions and 2 workflows, one for full load and the other for incremental load. Both session will use the same mapping that we just created.

So I have 2 sessions: SDE_MCK1213_PA_EVENTS and SDE_MCK1213_PA_EVENTS_FULL

The SDE_MCK1213_PA_EVENTS session is for incremental loading, therefore there are a few difference from the full load versions:

1. Treat Source Row As Data Driven Instead of "Insert" for Full Load

2. Target Load Type is "Normal" instead of "Bulk" for Full Load

3. The Source Filter for the incremental session should have the parameter "$$LAST_UPDATE_FILTER". For the Full Load Session, it should be removed and left blank.

After that, I created 2 workflows and 1 for each session. For simplicity, I am giving the same name as session names. That's all there is for setting up 2 workflows and 2 sessions.

We will now go into DAC with the 2 workflows:

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