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Monday, May 17, 2010

Filter based on the repetition of records in the column

Recently, I just came across a requirement that I think is worth blogging for beginner who's trying to manipulate the report data based on the the repetition of the data. Take a look at the following report:

You see, not every order number has only one corresponding document number. So how can I filter this report so that it only gives me back those order numbers that have more than 1 document number? Because there is no out of the box filter operator that allows us to easily create a filter based on such condition, we will have to work around it.

Let's first start by creating a report that counts the occurrence of every order number. So bring in a new column and call it 'count'. In the column formula, let's enter a formula: sum(count (distinct "Facts Info"."Order Number") by "Facts Info"."Order Number")

What this formula does is that it will count every order number's occurrence as 1 and them sum all the 1s by each order number. So the goal is that for those order numbers that have let's say 2 document numbers, these order numbers will repeat twice and there corresponding counts will be 2 in both lines after the 'Sum' function. So see the report below:

Now the hardest part is over. For the final report, we can then create a filter on column count. Now depending on what you want to see, you can get the order numbers that have 2 document numbers, 3 document numbers, less than 5 or however you want. For the purpose of this demonstration, I will just set this filter to be greater than 1, which means it will bring back all the order numbers that have more than 1 document numbers:

Run the report and here is the final result:

Of course, we can always hide the column count so that others don't see it in the report

Next time.


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