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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Calling Javascript function from OBIEE dashboard

Hello again

This time I am going to show how to call javascript function from OBIEE dashboard. The script can be written and saved in the common.js file located in:


I have written a simple script as the follow and I saved it in the bottom of the common.js file:

// MY Stuff
function obi_popup()
alert("Hello World")

So as you can see, the function name is called 'obi_popup' and the function itself is supposed to return a text 'Hello World' when called.

Once this is done, restart the OBIEE opmn service.

Go to the dashboard and add a text section. In there add the following text:

check "contain HTML markup" box

This will appear a button labelled 'hi there!', and by clicking on it, the javascript 'obi_popup' should be called

Click and the result:


until next time


Malcolm Carey said...

Is there a way to add javascript to common.js so that the function automatically runs on a dashboard load? For example, if you wanted that popup to automatically run without adding a text element to every dashboard, could you change it to a window.onload event?

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